The Morgan Studio and its Donors

The Morgan Studio has been active in Colorado since 1999, offering private and group instruction in early music performance practice. COVID-19 and its restrictions for group gatherings has not slowed the offerings of the Studio in regards to private and group instruction.  Lessons and coachings are provided over such video formats as Zoom and Skype.

At the current time (early 2021) there is a need for:
Sponsorship of viola da gamba students who are currently in school and/or are unable to pay for lessons.  

One can donate for a single lesson, a group of lessons or provide for weekly lessons throughout the academic semester.
Please contact me directly if you would like more information/are interested in sponsorship.

There are many donors to the Studio's instrument and library collections.
Jann Benson (RIP) - treble/tenor/bass viols, their cases and bows; music for the library
Ellen Boal - tenor and bass viols with bows and cases
Bob Byler (RIP) - seven string bass and case
Mark Cudek, Jeffery Grabelle, Tom Morgan, Daniel Rippe, Rose Terada, - donations to the music library
Ruth Harvey - consort/solo music and the complete Groves Dictionary of Music
Sam Kiteley donations to the library and student sponsorships
Johanna Renousix string bass, bows, case, stand
Patricia Smithsix string bass, bow, case
Lloyd Smith - 8 violas da gambas, baroque cello and their bows and cases; music for the library
Saundra Terry - tenor viol case, music stand, music for the library, other misc
Marianne Zwahlen - consort music, bass viol case, lute repairs
Ars Nova Singers - loan of double manual harpsichord