The Morgan Studio

The Morgan Studio has been located in Colorado since 1999.  Students study all sizes of violas da gamba and baroque cello and have access to the instruments shown below. 
This presentation was created by Maria Silver, a 7th grader at Broomfield Heights Middle School.
Each instrument is given a name and is shown at least once.

Morgan Studio 2015

Morgan Studio 2014

Morgan Studio 2013

Peggy's Story

Written on 5-25-2015

By Maria Silver, Curator

   I don't know who to thank for this. I'm sure it has multiple factors. I would like to thank specifically, Julia Manley, the director of CCD, the place where I dance. If she hadn't let me do my string orchestra concert, I probably wouldn't have found Peggy and she would still be missing. Back to the story now.

   So, I was preparing for the concert my school orchestra was presenting. I had this huge cloth I had to stuff in the case. I opened the place in the case where you put your rosin and cloth and found some weird things. I found a makeup brush, a cake of rosin, an old cloth, and something really exciting.  It was a peg! I was sure it was Peggy, and it was.

   I was really excited. I was able to play the Lyra for the first time! I will be joining the Morgan Studio on bass viol. This was a really exciting event for both the Morgan Studio and me! I have no idea how the peg got there. An instrument's case is the last place I'd expect to find a peg, but that doesn't count. What counts is that the Peggy was found.